Stop Copying Tammy!

Your friend Tammy just lost 30 pounds on (insert diet here). She tells you about her amazing new diet. So you quickly jump on! You have some instant success but weeks have passed and you find yourself tired and done with the diet. Results have slowed and you are not sure what’s going on or what to do with the extra 20 bottles of juice cleanse in your fridge (sorry had to get a juice cleanse jab in, haha). 

So what went wrong? Maybe it wasn’t the diet as all diets can work, even fad diets. Was it lack of commitment and execution? Possibly but not always. 

What I want to address today is the fact that maybe Tammys diet just was not for you! Tammy is a stay at home mom, she’s 10 feet taller than you, and her life is perfect. Meanwhile, you work non stop with constant stress, you stand 5 ft on a good day, and life has been all but perfect.

My point is, everyone is unique. Everyone has a different weight & height. Everyone has gone through different life changing events that they have handled in completely different ways. Each person has different activity levels, occupations, eating preferences and relationships and reactions to food. 

Tammy might be perfectly fine doing keto, meanwhile you, a high functioning stress addict will not be happy on this diet as you need carbs to increase your already low serotonin levels which helps you reduce stress, sleep better, and improve your thyroid function. Do you understand why everyone is different yet?

So be happy for Tammy, but don’t chase her success. We are just 1 month away from being bombarded with diet tips and trends popping up everywhere. This year, be smart before hopping on any new diet. 

Take time to ask yourself important questions like, “Why hasn’t x diet worked in the past?” This will give you insight on what to avoid come the next diet. Or maybe ask yourself, “What diet did I do good on?” This might give you insight on the structure used that kept you consistent. Lastly, ask yourself a question like, “Why did I feel so tired when doing this diet?” This will give you insight on the amount of food you consumed and if it was adequate based on your body type. 

Don’t be dumb. Listen to your body. Stop falling for quick fixes. And again, this year realize that you and Tammy are two completely different people with different goals, body types, stress levels, and diet history.