3 Random Pieces of Advice for the New Year!


1. Put some food on your damn plate! Each and every year I see people start off with restrictions. “ I can’t eat this.. I gave up that.. I’m just eating salad & my cheese & almond pack.” For the love of God can we please start adding food instead of taking it away! An adult cheese pack from Starbucks is just a disguise for a kids 1990’s Lunchables not an actual meal. This might not apply to everyone but if you are an over stressed individual, never really get hungry, or you have been off again and on again with diets for some time now, you probably need to reconsider how you “diet”.

2. Riding a Peloton is fantastic! Relying on one isn’t! For those that don’t move at all during the day it’s not half bad. But keep in mind you can’t out pedal a lackluster diet and a workout plan that has no progressive overload. There is a reason grandma turned her stationary bike into a coat hanger in the 70’s. It wasn’t magic. If you rely solely on pedaling to reach your goals and eventually stop, be careful you can fall off the wagon faster than Peloton’s stock.

3. Have a plan, have a plan , have a plan! I said it three times because it’s the most important. If you have no plan, you have no direction and you certainly will not want to keep going once you face adversity and a lack of motivation. Start figuring out where you’re at, where you want to be, and what it takes to get there. Having a plan gives you breathing room for bad weeks and a vision for the future. If you have no idea how to get there or know you don’t have the time to plan, hire someone that does.